Paige McLeod                                         10-25-12

John Meigs(Amy Sllayden), Mark Burnette, Paige McLeod, Kenny Stone - 2008

Lisa Randolph, Paige McLeod - 2008


Ventured all the way to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa for two degrees in business. Then, jetted North to Birmingham to start my banking career. Next, really jumped off the cliff, returning to Huntsville to further my career in finance and business. Bought a house in the wonderful Five Points area. Then, crashed and burned in my 30's with mononucleosis. Adult onset turns out to be much more serious than a teenage episode, complicated by maintaining a tough work schedule. Couldn't take the 'semester' off due to job security/insecurity issues and a mortgage payment on my much loved home mentioned above. Should have listened to Claudia in high school, studied less and misbehaved more, i.e. kissing more of you boys, catching the mono virus early and avoiding this whole ordeal! Have settled into a slower paced life. Still love my now Historic Five Points 'hood. Volunteered with some animal rescue organizations and have quite a motley crew of my own. Do some financial consulting and take it one day at a time. Have enjoyed many giggles reading everyone's bios. Such a wise and witty class -- lots of comedians in the bunch! Looking forward to more laughs and good times at the reunion.

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